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1.    Offshore wind market overview
  •   Project landscape
  •   Installed offshore wind capacity
  •   Capacity under construction
  •   Future projects and market outlook
  •   Market share
2.    Foundations market overview
  •   Industry overview
  •   Oil and gas parallel
  •   Current foundation and supporting structure landscape
  •   Foundation market evolution
  •   Drivers of change and challenges
3.    Piled structures
  • Monopile
  • Jacket   
  • Tripod/Tripile
  • Piled foundation scorecards
4.    Gravity base structures
  • Demonstration for met-mast foundations
  • Substation/Converter foundations
  • Gravity base foundation scorecard
5.    Suction bucket (pre-commercial)
  • Mono suction bucket
  • Suction bucket jacket
  • Tripod suction bucket
  • Suction bucket foundation scorecard
6.    Floating structures (pre-commercial)
  • Spar buoy/floater
  • Semi-submersible platform
  • Tension-leg platform (TLP)
  • Other floaters
  • Floating foundation scorecard
7.    Offshore wind installation vessels and equipment – Configuring suitability and assessing availability
  • Vessel types
  • Construction equipment
  • Vessel market outlook
  • Geographical distribution of vessels for offshore wind
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