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Discover key strategic directives essential to the development of a viable and effective O&M service program across the lifespan of your wind assets.

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This exclusive insight taken from the WEU Onshore O&M Service Options Report 2015 guides you on O&M service best practices across the three key stages of your wind farm’s lifecycle:
  1. OEM Warranty Period: Access recommendations for OEM contract negotiations and active management at the start of your project to formulate a successful service relationship throughout the initial warranty period and beyond.
  2. End of Warranty: Understand what to do, when and how at this most critical transition period in the life of a wind farm in order to set your assets up for the best service plan in the post-warranty period.
  3. Post-Warranty Period: Identify the main decision-making parameters you need to consider in order to carve out an optimum service response strategy and optimize ROI during the lifecycle stage which can represent between 50-90% of a turbine’s design life duration.

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